icon Notable Deaths from the 2020-2021 Coronavirus Pandemic

In December 2019, an outbreak of coronavirus was identified in Wuhan, China. It spread throughout the world and was recognized as a pandemic on 11 March 2020.

The table below shows some people who are notable to our American and other English-speaking visitors who have died from the coronavirus disease, also known as COVID-19. The table is updated once or twice a week.

Last updated on 26 May 2022.
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NameKnown forDiedAge
Julie Bennettvoice actress (Cindy Bear in "The Yogi Bear Show")3/31/2020(88)
Mark Blumactor (Crocodile Dundee)3/26/2020(69)
Patricia Bosworthactress (The Nun's Story)4/2/2020(86)
Brick Bronskypro wrestler and actor (Class of Nuke 'Em High 2)8/23/2021(57)
Tim Brooke-Taylorcomic actor ("The Goodies")4/12/2020(79)
Ross BrownerNFL football player (Cincinnati Bengals)1/4/2022(67)
Harold Buddavant-garde composer12/8/2020(84)
Herman Cainbusiness executive (Godfather's Pizza) and U.S. presidential candidate (R, 2012)7/30/2020(74)
Floyd Cardozchef/reality TV contestant ("Top Chef Masters")3/25/2020(59)
Sonny Chibaactor/martial artist (Japanese)8/19/2021(82)
Forrest Comptonactor (Col. Edward Gray on "Gomer Pyle USMC")4/4/2020(94)
Nick Corderostage actor ("The Broadway.com Show")7/5/2020(41)
Claude CrabbNFL football player (Los Angeles Rams)2/8/2021(80)
Frank Cullottaorganized crime figure/informant and YouTube personality ("Coffee with Cullotta")8/20/2020(81)
William Danielsrapper5/5/2020(24)
Fred DeanNFL football player (San Francisco 49ers)10/14/2020(68)
Tom DempseyNFL football player (Philadelphia Eagles)4/4/2020(73)
Tommy DeVitopop singer (The Four Seasons)9/21/2020(92)
Manu Dibangojazz saxophonist3/24/2020(86)
Joe Diffiecountry singer ("Pickup Man")3/29/2020(61)
Hilary Dwyeractress (British)3/30/2020(74)
Lee Fierroactress (Jaws)4/5/2020(91)
Ricarlo Flanagancomedian ("Last Comic Standing")10/12/2021(41)
Allen Garfieldactor (Beverly Hills Cop II)4/7/2020(80)
Valery Giscard d'Estaingpresident of France (1974-81)12/2/2020(94)
Keith Graysonhip-hop DJ4/17/2022(55)
Dave Greenfieldrock musician (The Stranglers)5/3/2020(71)
Barry Harrisjazz pianist12/8/2021(91)
James "Kamala" Harrispro wrestler (World Wrestling Federation)8/9/2020(70)
Patricia Healeyactress (British)2/5/2021(85)
Mickie Hensonpro wrestler (World Championship Wrestling)2/14/2022(59)
Frederick "Toots" Hibbertreggae singer ("Do the Reggay")9/11/2020(77)
Roy Hornmagician and animal tamer (Siegfried & Roy)5/8/2020(75)
Grant Jacksonmajor leaguer (Philadelphia Phillies)2/2/2021(78)
Paul Johnsonhouse music producer ("Get Get Down")8/4/2021(50)
Ron Johnsonmajor leaguer (Kansas City Royals)1/26/2021(64)
Jay Johnstonemajor leaguer (New York Yankees)9/26/2020(74)
Doug Jonesmajor leaguer (Cleveland Indians)11/22/2021(64)
Remy Juliennestuntman (James Bond series)1/21/2021(90)
Brandis Kempactress (Alma Cox on "AfterMASH")7/4/2020(76)
Pierre Lacroixhockey executive (Colorado Avalanche)12/13/2020(72)
Marcus Lambtelevangelist (Daystar Television Network)11/30/2021(64)
Eddie Largecomedian (British)4/2/2020(78)
Steve Lawlerpro wrestler9/2/2021(56)
Bob Lazierauto racer (CART)4/18/2020(81)
Johnny Leezeactor (British)10/25/2020(78)
Tim LesterNFL football player (Pittsburgh Steelers)1/12/2021(52)
Steve Lightlecomic book artist (Legion of Super-Heroes)1/8/2021(61)
Joe Longpop bassist (The Four Seasons)4/21/2021(88)
Trini Lopezpop/folk musician ("Lemon Tree")8/11/2020(83)
Dick LucasNFL football player (Philadelphia Eagles)4/29/2020(86)
David Maasquick-change magician11/22/2020(57)
Bill Mackcountry disc jockey (Fort Worth, Texas) and songwriter ("Blue")7/31/2020(88)
Carlos Marinoperatic baritone (Il Divo)12/19/2021(53)
Ellis Marsalis Jr.jazz pianist4/1/2020(85)
Ellis Marsalis Jr.jazz musician4/1/2020(85)
Rick Mayvideo game voice actor (Star Fox 64)4/13/2020(79)
Orlando McDanielNFL football player (Denver Broncos)3/27/2020(59)
Terrence McNallyplaywright (Ragtime)3/24/2020(81)
Thomas "Mensi" Mensforthpunk rock singer (Angelic Upstarts)12/10/2021(65)
Alan Merrillrock singer and songwriter ("I Love Rock and Roll")3/29/2020(69)
John MeyerAFL football player (Houston Oilers)11/4/2020(78)
Tom Moorecoronavirus fundraiser2/2/2021(100)
John MorganEnglish folk drummer (The Wurzels)12/17/2021(80)
George NockNFL football player (New York Jets)11/22/2020(74)
Craig OgletreeNFL football player (Cincinnati Bengals)8/9/2021(53)
Jim Paceauto racer11/13/2020(59)
Jay Jay Phillipsreality TV contestant ("America's Got Talent")11/25/2021(30)
Bucky Pizzarellijazz guitarist4/1/2020(94)
Colin PowellU.S. secretary of state (2001-05)10/18/2021(84)
Charley Pridecountry singer ("Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'")12/12/2020(86)
John Prinecountry-folk singer-songwriter ("Angel from Montgomery")4/7/2020(73)
David Prowseactor (Star Wars)11/28/2020(85)
James Purifysoul singer ("I'm Your Puppet")1/22/2021(76)
Bill Pursellpop songwriter ("Our Winter Love")9/3/2020(94)
John Richardsonactor (One Million Years B.C.)1/5/2021(86)
J. R. Richardmajor leaguer (Houston Astros)8/4/2021(71)
Tootie RobbinsNFL football player (Arizona Cardinals)8/2/2020(62)
Eusebio ScheidRoman Catholic cardinal (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)1/13/2021(88)
Adam Schlesingermusician and songwriter ("That Thing You Do")4/1/2020(52)
Tom Seavermajor leaguer (New York Mets)8/31/2020(75)
Matthew Seligmannew wave bassist (Thompson Twins)4/17/2020(64)
Ken Shimuracomedian (Japanese)3/29/2020(70)
Sekou Smithsportswriter (basketball)1/26/2021(48)
Troy Sneedgospel singer ("My Heart Says Yes")4/27/2020(52)
Peter Sutcliffeserial murderer (England)11/13/2020(74)
Carol Suttonactress (Ray)12/11/2020(87)
Frederick Thomasrap performer4/23/2020(35)
Chris Trousdalepop singer (Dream Streat)6/2/2020(34)
Phil Valentinetalk radio host (Nashville, Tennessee)8/21/2021(61)
Jay WeaverChristian rock bassist (Big Daddy Weave)1/2/2022(42)
Robb WebbTV announcer ("60 Minutes")2/5/2021(82)
Dawn Wellsactress (Mary Ann Summers on "Gilligan's Island")12/30/2020(82)
Steve Wilhitecomputer scientist (Graphic Interchange Format or GIF)3/14/2022(74)
Marc WilmoreTV writer ("In Living Color")1/30/2021(57)
Ron WrightU.S. Congressman (R-TX, 2019-21)2/7/2021(67)