icon Oldest Living Major Leaguers

This list includes every major-league baseball player born on or before 31 December 1927 who is alive. They are listed in order from oldest to youngest.

Players who accumulated fewer than 200 at bats and 50 innings pitched are in normal type. Players with more than 200 at bats or 50 innings pitched are in bold. Players in the Baseball Hall of Fame are in BOLD CAPS.

RankNameBornAgeML CareerPitcher?
1Eddie Robinson12/15/1920100y 128d1942-57No
2George Elder3/10/1921100y 43d1949No
3Eddie Basinski11/4/192298y 169d1944-47No
4Tim Thompson3/1/192497y 52d1954-58No
5Art Schallock4/25/192496y 362d1951-55Yes
6Bill Greason9/3/192496y 231d1954Yes
7Larry Miggins8/20/192595y 245d1948, 1952No
8Paul Hinrichs8/31/192595y 234d1951Yes
9Bobby Shantz9/26/192595y 208d1949-64Yes
10Chris Haughey10/3/192595y 201d1943Yes
11Frank Saucier5/28/192694y 329d1951No
12Bobby Morgan6/29/192694y 297d1950, 1952-58No
13Johnny Groth7/23/192694y 273d1946-60No
14Ed Mickelson9/9/192694y 225d1950, 1953, 1957No
15Carl Erskine12/13/192694y 130d1948-59Yes
16Jim Willis3/20/192794y 33d1953-54Yes
17Charlie Maxwell4/8/192794y 14d1950-64No
18Billy Gardner7/19/192793y 277d1954-63No
19Cloyd Boyer9/1/192793y 233d1949-55Yes
20Dave Hillman9/14/192793y 220d1955-62Yes
21Bill Harrington10/3/192793y 201d1953, 1955-56Yes
22Bob Kelly10/4/192793y 200d1951-58Yes
23Tommy Brown12/6/192793y 137d1944-45, 1947-53Yes

Recent Deaths

NameBornDiedAgeML CareerPitcher?
Bobby Brown10/25/19243/25/2021(96y 151d)1946-54No
Al Naples8/29/19262/26/2021(94y 181d)1949No
Wayne Terwilliger6/27/19252/3/2021(95y 221d)1949-51, 1953-56, 1959-60No
Billy DeMars8/26/192512/10/2020(95y 106d)1948, 1950-51No
Bob Miller6/16/192611/27/2020(94y 164d)1949-58Yes
Howie Judson2/16/19268/18/2020(94y 184d)1948-54Yes
Bert Thiel5/4/19267/31/2020(94y 88d)1952Yes
Ed Fitz Gerald5/21/19246/14/2020(96y 24d)1948-59No