icon Complete List of Dead Astronauts

This is a complete list of U.S. career astronauts who are deceased. Private contractors and civilians who flew on the Shuttle under the classification "payload specialist" - sometimes called "payload specialist astronaut" by NASA - are not included.

Mercury through Skylab
NameProgram & FlightDODCause of Death
Neil ArmstrongGemini 8, Apollo 118/25/2012complications from heart surgery
Charles BassettGemini program (no flights)2/28/1966training mission plane crash
Alan BeanApollo 125/26/2018illness
John BullApollo program (no flights)8/11/2008lengthy illness
Scott CarpenterMercury 710/10/2013natural causes
Jerry CarrSkylab 48/26/2020natural causes
Gene CernanGemini 9, Apollo 10 & 171/16/2017natural causes
Roger ChaffeeApollo 11/27/1967Apollo 1 fire
Philip ChapmanApollo program (no flights)4/5/2021natural causes
Micahel CollinsGemini 10, Apollo 114/28/2021cancer
Charles 'Pete' ConradGemini 5 & 11, Apollo 12, Skylab 27/7/1999motorcycle accident
Gordon CooperMercury 9, Gemini 510/4/2004natural causes
Donn EiseleApollo 712/2/1987heart attack
Ronald EvansApollo 174/6/1990heart attack
Theodore FreemanGemini program (no flights)10/31/1964training mission plane crash
Owen GarriottSkylab 34/15/2019
Edward GivensApollo program (no flights)6/6/1967automobile accident
John GlennMercury 612/8/2016lengthy illness
Richard GordonGemini 11, Apollo 1211/6/2017
Duane GravelineApollo program (no flights)9/5/2016nautral causes
Virgil "Gus" GrissomMercury 4, Gemini 3, Apollo 11/27/1967Apollo 1 fire
James IrwinApollo 158/8/1991heart attack
Curt MichelApollo program (no flights)2/26/2015natural causes
Edgar MitchellApollo 142/4/2016brief illness
Brian O'LearyApollo program (no flights)7/28/2011cancer of the intestine
Bill PogueSkylab3/3/2014natural causes
Stuart RoosaApollo 1412/12/1994pancreatitis
Wally SchirraMercury 8, Gemini 6, Apollo 75/3/2007heart attack
Alan ShepardMercury 3, Apollo 14 7/21/1998leukemia
Donald "Deke" Slayton Mercury program (no flights), Apollo-Soyuz6/13/1993brain tumor
Elliot SeeGemini program (no flights)2/28/1966training mission plane crash
John SwigertApollo 1312/27/1982cancer
Paul WeitzSkylab10/23/2017cancer
Edward WhiteGemini 4, Apollo 11/27/1967Apollo 1 fire
Clifton WilliamsGemini program (no flights)10/5/1967training mission plane crash
Alfred WordenApollo 153/18/2020natural causes
John YoungGemini 3, Gemini 10, Apollo 10, Apollo 16, 2 Shuttle1/5/2018illness

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NameDODCause of Death
Michael Anderson 2/1/2003Columbia accident
Charles Brady7/23/2006prolonged illness
David Brown2/1/2003Columbia accident
'Sonny' Carter4/05/1991commercial plane crash
Kalpana Chawla2/1/2003Columbia accident
Laurel Clark2/1/2003Columbia accident
C. Gordon Fullerton8/21/2013complications from a stroke
Dale Gardner2/19/2014of a brain aneurysm
David Griggs6/17/1989training mission plane crash
Hank Hartsfield7/17/2014complications from back surgery
Karl Henize10/5/1993heart attack while climbing Mt. Everest
Rick Husband2/1/2003Columbia accident
Bill Lenoir8/26/2010bicycle accident
Anthony Llewellyn7/2/2013brief illness
G. David Low3/15/2008colon cancer
Bruce McCandless12/21/2017
William McCool2/1/2003Columbia accident
Ronald McNair1/28/1986Challenger explosion
Steve Nagel8/21/2014cancer
Ellison Onizuka1/28/1986Challenger explosion
Robert Overmyer3/22/1996test aircraft crash
Donald H. Peterson5/27/2018cancer
Alan Poindexter7/1/2012boating accident
Judith Resnik1/28/1986Challenger explosion
Sally Ride7/23/2012pancreatic cancer
Francis Scobee1/28/1986Challenger explosion
Michael Smith1/28/1986Challenger explosion
Stephen Thorne5/24/1986private plane crash