Android App

The Dead or Alive Data Base is available on an Android app, which gives you access to our most popular features at a glance, including Recent Deaths, Today's Birthdays, and our Hotlist.

Status of the DOADB App

We no longer support this app, which means no new features will be added and no design changes will be made. It does, however, still retrieve information from our server, and will continue to do so for the forseeable future. This means that while the app itself is not supported, its recent deaths and other information will still be updated.

Our app is no longer available on the Google Play store. If you originally downloaded it from Google Play, it will still work, but if you uninstall it or get a new device, you won't find it on Google Play. It is still available, however from the Amazon Appstore.

Installing DOADB from the Amazon Appstore

To install our app from the Amazon Appstore, you must have an Amazon account. If you don't, or you don't remember the password, get that sorted out first.

If you already have the Amazon Appstore on your device, simply open it, log in, and enter DOADB into the search box to find our app. You can also use this direct link, if for some reason, you can't find it:

If you do not have the Amazon Appstore, you must install it first. This usually requires making a change to your device's settings. Open Settings, then Security. Depending on your Android version, Security could be under another heading, such as "Biometrics and security." Find "Install unknown apps." On some devices (mainly older ones), you simply need to switch this setting on. On newer devices, you must enable unknown apps from a particular source. To install the Amazon Appstore, enable whatever app you use to browse the web on your device. For example, if you browse the web with Chrome, then enable unknown apps with Chrome.

Once you have enabled unknown apps, open your web browser and go to the Amazon Appstore for Android download page. You can use this link: or search on "download amazon android appstore." Click on the download button and install it.

Once you have downloaded the Amazon Appstore, you need to go back to Settings->Security->Install unknown apps and enable the Amazon Appstore as an app download source. (For better security, you ought to disable your web browser as a download source now.) Sign into the Amazon Appstore, search on DOADB to find our app, and install it. You can also use this direct link, if for some reason, you can't find it: