RSS Feed

An RSS feed is a way for a web site such as DOADB to notify you of updates. The DOADB RSS feed publishes an update every time a death notice is placed on our home page's message board. On average, there will be four or five such updates per month.

You can view RSS feeds in several ways. Most newer internet browsers support feeds. For example, in Internet Explorer 7 and later, you can subscribe to a feed by pressing the orange feed RSS feed icon in the toolbar. Feeds are also supported by some e-mail programs, such as Outlook 2007, and as a desktop "widget" on Windows Vista and later versions.

To view our raw RSS feed, click the link below.


For another way to stay updated, join our mailing list. The mailing list offers more information than the RSS feed, but it can take from a few minutes to a few hours for our mailouts to reach your computer. Updates sent via the RSS feed, on the other hand, are nearly instantaneous.