icon Notable Deaths from the 2020-2022 Coronavirus Pandemic

In December 2019, an outbreak of coronavirus was identified in Wuhan, China. It was given the name COVID-19. It spread throughout the world and was recognized as a pandemic on 11 March 2020.

In early 2022, several national governments declared that COVID-19 had transitioned from the pandemic to the endemic phase. Several state and local governments in the United States made similar declarations. On 26 April, a senior medical official in the U.S. government said that the U.S. had moved beyond the pandemic phase. As of August 2022, the incidence of the disease in the U.S. and worldwide was still high, but most public health orders such as mask and vaccine mandates had been cancelled.

The table below shows some people who are notable to our American and other English-speaking visitors who died from the coronavirus disease through April 2022.

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NameKnown forDiedAge
Julie Bennettvoice actress (Cindy Bear in "The Yogi Bear Show")3/31/2020(88)
Mark Blumactor (Crocodile Dundee)3/26/2020(69)
Patricia Bosworthactress (The Nun's Story)4/2/2020(86)
Brick Bronskypro wrestler and actor (Class of Nuke 'Em High 2)8/23/2021(57)
Tim Brooke-Taylorcomic actor ("The Goodies")4/12/2020(79)
Ross BrownerNFL football player (Cincinnati Bengals)1/4/2022(67)
Harold Buddavant-garde composer12/8/2020(84)
Herman Cainbusiness executive (Godfather's Pizza) and U.S. presidential candidate (R, 2012)7/30/2020(74)
Floyd Cardozchef/reality TV contestant ("Top Chef Masters")3/25/2020(59)
Sonny Chibaactor/martial artist (Japanese)8/19/2021(82)
Forrest Comptonactor (Col. Edward Gray on "Gomer Pyle USMC")4/4/2020(94)
Nick Corderostage actor ("The Broadway.com Show")7/5/2020(41)
Claude CrabbNFL football player (Los Angeles Rams)2/8/2021(80)
Frank Cullottaorganized crime figure/informant and YouTube personality ("Coffee with Cullotta")8/20/2020(81)
William Danielsrapper5/5/2020(24)
Fred DeanNFL football player (San Francisco 49ers)10/14/2020(68)
Tom DempseyNFL football player (Philadelphia Eagles)4/4/2020(73)
Tommy DeVitopop singer (The Four Seasons)9/21/2020(92)
Manu Dibangojazz saxophonist3/24/2020(86)
Joe Diffiecountry singer ("Pickup Man")3/29/2020(61)
Hilary Dwyeractress (British)3/30/2020(74)
Lee Fierroactress (Jaws)4/5/2020(91)
Ricarlo Flanagancomedian ("Last Comic Standing")10/12/2021(41)
Allen Garfieldactor (Beverly Hills Cop II)4/7/2020(80)
Valery Giscard d'Estaingpresident of France (1974-81)12/2/2020(94)
Keith Graysonhip-hop DJ4/17/2022(55)
Dave Greenfieldrock musician (The Stranglers)5/3/2020(71)
Barry Harrisjazz pianist12/8/2021(91)
James "Kamala" Harrispro wrestler (World Wrestling Federation)8/9/2020(70)
Patricia Healeyactress (British)2/5/2021(85)
Mickie Hensonpro wrestler (World Championship Wrestling)2/14/2022(59)
Frederick "Toots" Hibbertreggae singer ("Do the Reggay")9/11/2020(77)
Roy Hornmagician and animal tamer (Siegfried & Roy)5/8/2020(75)
Grant Jacksonmajor leaguer (Philadelphia Phillies)2/2/2021(78)
Paul Johnsonhouse music producer ("Get Get Down")8/4/2021(50)
Ron Johnsonmajor leaguer (Kansas City Royals)1/26/2021(64)
Jay Johnstonemajor leaguer (New York Yankees)9/26/2020(74)
Doug Jonesmajor leaguer (Cleveland Indians)11/22/2021(64)
Remy Juliennestuntman (James Bond series)1/21/2021(90)
Brandis Kempactress (Alma Cox on "AfterMASH")7/4/2020(76)
Pierre Lacroixhockey executive (Colorado Avalanche)12/13/2020(72)
Marcus Lambtelevangelist (Daystar Television Network)11/30/2021(64)
Eddie Largecomedian (British)4/2/2020(78)
Steve Lawlerpro wrestler9/2/2021(56)
Bob Lazierauto racer (CART)4/18/2020(81)
Johnny Leezeactor (British)10/25/2020(78)
Tim LesterNFL football player (Pittsburgh Steelers)1/12/2021(52)
Steve Lightlecomic book artist (Legion of Super-Heroes)1/8/2021(61)
Joe Longpop bassist (The Four Seasons)4/21/2021(88)
Trini Lopezpop/folk musician ("Lemon Tree")8/11/2020(83)
Dick LucasNFL football player (Philadelphia Eagles)4/29/2020(86)
David Maasquick-change magician11/22/2020(57)
Bill Mackcountry disc jockey (Fort Worth, Texas) and songwriter ("Blue")7/31/2020(88)
Carlos Marinoperatic baritone (Il Divo)12/19/2021(53)
Ellis Marsalis Jr.jazz pianist4/1/2020(85)
Rick Mayvideo game voice actor (Star Fox 64)4/13/2020(79)
Orlando McDanielNFL football player (Denver Broncos)3/27/2020(59)
Terrence McNallyplaywright (Ragtime)3/24/2020(81)
Thomas "Mensi" Mensforthpunk rock singer (Angelic Upstarts)12/10/2021(65)
Alan Merrillrock singer and songwriter ("I Love Rock and Roll")3/29/2020(69)
John MeyerAFL football player (Houston Oilers)11/4/2020(78)
Tom Moorecoronavirus fundraiser2/2/2021(100)
John MorganEnglish folk drummer (The Wurzels)12/17/2021(80)
George NockNFL football player (New York Jets)11/22/2020(74)
Craig OgletreeNFL football player (Cincinnati Bengals)8/9/2021(53)
Jim Paceauto racer11/13/2020(59)
Jay Jay Phillipsreality TV contestant ("America's Got Talent")11/25/2021(30)
Bucky Pizzarellijazz guitarist4/1/2020(94)
Colin PowellU.S. secretary of state (2001-05)10/18/2021(84)
Charley Pridecountry singer ("Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'")12/12/2020(86)
John Prinecountry-folk singer-songwriter ("Angel from Montgomery")4/7/2020(73)
David Prowseactor (Star Wars)11/28/2020(85)
James Purifysoul singer ("I'm Your Puppet")1/22/2021(76)
Bill Pursellpop songwriter ("Our Winter Love")9/3/2020(94)
John Richardsonactor (One Million Years B.C.)1/5/2021(86)
J. R. Richardmajor leaguer (Houston Astros)8/4/2021(71)
Tootie RobbinsNFL football player (Arizona Cardinals)8/2/2020(62)
Eusebio ScheidRoman Catholic cardinal (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)1/13/2021(88)
Adam Schlesingermusician and songwriter ("That Thing You Do")4/1/2020(52)
Tom Seavermajor leaguer (New York Mets)8/31/2020(75)
Matthew Seligmannew wave bassist (Thompson Twins)4/17/2020(64)
Ken Shimuracomedian (Japanese)3/29/2020(70)
Sekou Smithsportswriter (basketball)1/26/2021(48)
Troy Sneedgospel singer ("My Heart Says Yes")4/27/2020(52)
Peter Sutcliffeserial murderer (England)11/13/2020(74)
Carol Suttonactress (Ray)12/11/2020(87)
Frederick Thomasrap performer4/23/2020(35)
Chris Trousdalepop singer (Dream Streat)6/2/2020(34)
Phil Valentinetalk radio host (Nashville, Tennessee)8/21/2021(61)
Jay WeaverChristian rock bassist (Big Daddy Weave)1/2/2022(42)
Robb WebbTV announcer ("60 Minutes")2/5/2021(82)
Dawn Wellsactress (Mary Ann Summers on "Gilligan's Island")12/30/2020(82)
Steve Wilhitecomputer scientist (Graphic Interchange Format or GIF)3/14/2022(74)
Marc WilmoreTV writer ("In Living Color")1/30/2021(57)
Ron WrightU.S. Congressman (R-TX, 2019-21)2/7/2021(67)