Pete Rose


Born: 4/14/1941 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Age: 83

Full name: Peter Edward Rose
Nickname: Charley Hustle
Noted For: infielder, member of the Cincinnati Reds (1963-78, 1984-86), Philadelphia Phillies (1979-83), and Montreal Expos (1984); manager of the Cincinnati Reds (1984-89). 17-time All-Star (1965, 67-71, 73-82, 85); holds the MLB career records for hits (4,256) and games played (3,562) and has the longest modern National League hitting streak (44 games, set in 1978). Was accused of gambling and agreed to a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball (1989). After decades of denials, finally admitted in 2004 that he did bet on major-league games, including betting on the Reds. Served five months in federal prison for tax evasion (1990-91).
Quotation: "There's one more important reason I slide headfirst, it gets my picture in the paper."

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